Your can choose the most appropriate bus for your trip. If the group is small, 10-22 people, you have a choice of minibuses or vans, which have lower rents, as well as, lower fuel costs. If comfort is more important, you can choose the size of the bus so that passengers would have some extra seat. You can use a medium-sized buses with 25-31 seats, which have lower fuel consumption in comparison with 50-seaters, so that you will benefit if the mileage is relatively large. For large groups most suitable will be buses with 45-50 seats, or double-deckers with 65-77 seats.

Choose the vans for small groups, thus reducing the cost of  journey.

Minibuses, vans, 8, 10- 17 seats

A great choice if number of seats is insufficient in standard-size van with 17 seats - we can carry up to 22 people at relatively low prices (lower fuel costs).

Minibuses with 19- 22 seats

Good choice for medium-sized groups - these buses have lower fuel costs than the big buses with 45-50 seats.

Buses with 25, 29, 30, 34 seats (medium-sized buses)

Buses for larger groups.

Buses with 37, 45, 49, 50-55 seats

Book these buses for large number of passengers. Reduce your costs if there is not enough with 50-seater. If you choose a double-decker, total costs will be lover than for 2 smaller buses.

Buses with 64, 70, 77 seats (double-deckers)

Buses and minibuses

Minibuses hire, rental, Riga, LatviaMinibuses hire, rental, Riga, Latvia


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